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We have improved and optimized a large number of projects in close collaboration with our satisfied clients and partners, to constantly develop structures, technologies, and concepts. Our expertise and engineering services range from concept development for initial project phases and feasibility studies to final designs and monitoring of realized projects.

Our extensive experience contributes to standardization and research projects in which Blue C is involved.


Our partners and customers:

Erdgas Südwest
Max Bögl
skyborn renewables
Jäger Mare Solutions
WI Energy
Energy Project Solutions
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Practice recommendation



In a joint industrial project (JIP), the world's first practical recommendation for floating solar power plants was developed. The Recommended Practice (RP), which is the result of the participation of DNV and 24 industry participants (including Blue C GmbH), contains technical requirements and guidance for the development, reliable and sustainable design, operation and decommissioning of floating photovoltaic (FPV) projects. 


The Best Practice Guide was developed to ensure harmonized and high quality approaches in the development of floating solar energy projects. The focus here is on the assessment of the site condition, the energy yield forecast, anchoring systems, floating structures as well as permits and environmental impacts. The RP has been kept as technology neutral as possible to provide functional requirements and guidelines.


Further details and the practical recommendation DNV-RP-0594 can be found here: DNV publishes world's first recommended practice for floating solar power plants


Offshore wind

We have been involved in a number of realized projects. Our accomplishments here included:


• Performing a location-dependent scour analysis

• Recommendations suitable scour 


• Simulation of the wave run-up on monopiles

+ Baltic II, Germany

+ Guanyin, Taiwan

+ He dreiht, Germany

+ Formosa II, Taiwan

Floating photovoltaic projects

We have been involved in a number of realized projects of different scale. Our accomplishments here included:

• Determination of the directional wind    

   and wave loading for local conditions

• Simulation of the dynamic load effects and the     structural movements for anchoring variants         and anchor arrangements

• Modeling and evaluation of the FPV system         movements and shifts as well as the load             distribution in the anchors for high and low           water levels

• Dimensioning and design of the anchoring           components based on load effects and load       combinations according to valid standards


References Germany:

• 736 kWp

• 90 solar boats

• 1,440 modules

• 1030 m rope length

• 8 anchors

• Land anchoring

• Start of construction November 2022


References Netherlands:

• 41.1 MWp

• 4,797 solar boats

• 76,616 modules

• 2,550 m rope length

• 100 anchors

• Underwater anchorage

• Start of construction May 2021

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We have been involved in projects with a wide range of applications. Our accomplishments here included:

• Development of offshore seaweed farms

• Simulation of the movement and loads of     

   offshore seaweed farms

• Design of all relevant system components   

   such as seaweed, mooring, anchor and

   buoyancy devices

Research project aiming to develop offshore seaweed farms


• Numerical simulations (OrcaFlex, Reef3D) to determine and parameterize loads on seaweed farms and the   

   associated mooring system

• Physical tests in the wave pool in collaboration with the iTUBS for design optimization and Validation of

   numerical simulations

• Substitute body modeling of seaweed

in collaboration with

• Cawthron

• Innovation Society Technical University of Braunschweig mbH (iTUBS)

• Alfred-Wegener-Institute (AWI)

• Marine Institutes

• Center for Biotechnology and Bioengineering

• Kelson Marine Co.

• University of New Hampshire

• SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture Research AS

Hydraulic engineering

Some examples of realized projects follow. Our accomplishments here included:

 Load determination on dolphins

• Determination of static and dynamic shaft


• Influence of wave run-up and run-off of                 sloping harbor walls

+ Breakwater, Klaipeda State Seaport

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