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Blue C Engineering
& Concepts

Blue C is an engineering company founded by Arndt Hildebrandt and Achim Michl in 2019.

Arndt and Achim lead a team of civil engineers specialized in hydraulic engineering,

offshore engineering and structural design.


Through the combined expertise Blue C develops and designs technical solutions

for hydraulic engineering with and for international customers.

Our engineering services provide static and dynamic load analysis of combined environmental influences acting on fixed and floating structures.


We analyse aerodynamic and hydrodynamic flows for complex structures and provide advanced details of the flow properties for concepts, detailed design and serviceability verification.


Our drafting and design process takes into account the loads and accepted movements of the structures which depend on and interact with anchoring components, wave-breaking elements and local shallow water effects.

Our workflows and tools include 3D structural FEM software, e.g. SCIA, IDEA Statica, MBAEC, FRILO, as well as hydrodynamic software solutions from Orcina, the wind-wave model SWAN and the computational fluid dynamics tool OpenFOAM for detailed analyses.


​​Autodesk Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection and Solidworks  allow us to provide technical drawings and support customer communication to share and visualize resulting data.




> 80

Mooring Designs developed for


> 1,5

Gigawatt FPV mooring-designs and technical advisory

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